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To Die For Fruit Smoothie

You guys!!! This is the best smoothie! The awesome thing about it is you can use whatever frozen and fresh fruit you have on hand. I truly think it’s my secret ingredient though that makes this so delicious. And you’ll be shaking your head at why something so basic makes such a big difference.

Are you ready for it?!!






The secret ingredient is organic apple juice! Yes. Apple juice. It’s the base of my smoothies and it gives it such a sweet flavor without any added sugar. Fruit sugar is good for you despite what you may have been told. Read here for more

information on the subject.

Pro Tip:

To make your smoothie-making process quicker, prepackage in individual baggies. I line up all my frozen bags of fruit and do an assembly line. This is helpful when you need/want a quick smoothie on those mornings when you’re in a rush to get out the door.

*You can turn this into a smoothie bowl by using less juice, then top with nuts, seeds, more frozen fruit, nut butters, etc.

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