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Fabulous Finds -Weekly Update

HELLLLLLO! I'm so happy you are enjoying this new category that I've added to the Noel Naturally blog. My hope is to give my readers/friends useful links to various items that I love.

This week I'm focusing on health and wellbeing. With coronavirus still around and messing up our summer (insert mad face), I thought I'd link some things I've been using to try to stay healthy. Of course, I'm still eating lots of fruits and veggies, but supplements are important too.

I'll throw in a little fashion as well because I do love summery outfits and accessories.

So let's get started.


I take a plethora of vitamins and supplements daily, but if I had to choose just four of them, hands down I'd choose these. *I'm NOT giving medical advice, I'm only sharing the reasons I take these supplements and their benefits.

I'll give *brief* reasons why you should consider taking supplements but always check with your healthcare professional before starting a regimen.

Zinc: Everyone is deficient in zinc. (Check to see if you have the half-moon white shape at the base of your nails. No? Then you're deficient. Also, if you have grooves on your nails and white spots, that's also a sign.) The world's soils have been depleted of this trace mineral and it's vital to take a quality liquid supplement to help boost your immune system and for overall health. (tap on the image to view and/or purchase)

Both of these brands are EXCELLENT!

Vitamin C: We've all heard that taking vitamin C is critical when you have a cold, but you should be taking this every. single. day! This powerhouse vitamin helps boost your immune system. I take several different types. I'm currently taking liquid Liposomal Vitamin C and I alternate with Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C). Your body should excrete any excess.

There are reports that the Chinese treated Covid-19 with high doses of vitamin C.

B12: Vegans should be taking B12 every day. B12 is a nutrient that helps keep your body's nerve and blood cells healthy. It also helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. It also helps to prevent megaloblastic anemia.

These are both great options. I make sure my B12 has both methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin (two names I can NOT pronounce. lol)

L-Lysine: Helps the body to absorb calcium, iron, and zinc. Promotes collagen growth, helps produce enzymes, antibodies, hormones, AND supports the immune system. (May protect against and treat cold sores.)

I've given you two options for each supplement. I've taken both of them and can honestly recommend the quality. I'm going to link the rest of the supplements I take just in case you'd like to research and try them too. Some of these I use in my detox smoothies. Some I only take occasionally if I feel a cold coming on.



Accessories: The last few weeks have been pretty busy in the BLV shop! I've been making a few new beaded bracelet designs for Beau Lark Vintage and let me tell you...they are fun! FYI...I have something for everyone.

Name and word beaded bracelets are all the rage. Every age group wears them. Young to older. Women, men, and children too. Custom orders are popular, personalizing bracelets for that special someone (YOU), so you can keep up to date on your ARM CANDY game. You can message me through my website if you don't see what you're looking for, otherwise, here are some recent designs that are mesmerizing ladies all over the world.

Eyewear: A couple of good, fun pair of sunnies are a must! I have like five pairs in my car, that way I can decide how I'm feeling and what style I want to wear each day. I promise I'm not high maintenance.

Clothing: I'm wearing A LOT of dresses lately and I'm not even mad about it. There's something about throwing on a dress and instantly feeling like you've dressed up, even if it's something as simple as a maxi dress. Here are some of my favorite dresses right now. And style your look with a few Beau Lark Vintage bracelets and you've got yourself a perfect summertime outfit.

This floral print is so pretty. It makes me want to have a picnic or go on a romantic, countryside walk with my guy. There are lots of prints and colors available.

Sizes: XS to 5X

Tie-dye is in, ladies! There are several colors to choose from and different prints as well. How cute is this? I love it! It's giving me an outdoor concert vibe.

Sizes: S to XXL

Lots of pretty prints in this one too! I see this being worn for an outdoor wedding or just a fun day lunching with your girlfriends.

Sizes: S to XL

Shoes: I've found the cutest sandals. Follow the link to my LIKETOKNOWit where I have many more to shop.


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This post has affiliate links.

Thank you for engaging with me. I hope you had fun hanging out on my blog. Please leave a review, because your feedback is helpful and important for future posts.



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