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Tidy Up Your Bedroom - The Spring Edition

Hi all!

We have had some gorgeous days lately, with temperatures spiking into the eighties. I have been enjoying time out on my deck and it’s been WONDERFUL! We just moved into a new home so listening to and observing my new surroundings has been pretty cool. I’ve heard birds chirping and pecking at the huge trees in our yard and I’ve even seen a few squirrels running around in the treetops. Our former home didn’t have established trees so this is a welcomed change.

I don’t know about you, but after a long cold winter, warm days are rejuvenating to my soul. Call me crazy, but spring cleaning sounds like a lot of fun this time of year. There is something about starting a new season with a fresh, clean slate that just speaks to me.

With seven cats (yes, seven) and a teenager, I definitely have my fair share of cleaning to do around the house. It’s never ending. Can you relate or what?

I’m focusing on the bedrooms this weekend. The first thing I like to do when I’ve set my mind to deep cleaning is strip all the bedding down to the mattresses. Considering we have four beds, it would take me all day to wash, dry and make all the beds again. Plus, I like to spare my new washer and dryer the wear and tear when possible. My solution to this is to utilize a laundromat like The Clothes Spin. They will help you accomplish your bedding goals fast and efficiently.

The Clothes Spin is located in Lynchburg, Virginia and is open 24/7. This laundromat near Appomattox, Virginia has large capacity front loading washers and I can do all four comforters at once using multiple machines. When I take the bedding I usually bring the week's worth of laundry to do too. I like to get everything done in one fell swoop. They even have an app to use to pay for your laundry. This is extremely helpful since I rarely have change in my wallet. While there you can take advantage of the snack machine too! I usually bring my favorite book to read and enjoy a snack. I call it ‘me’ time and my reward for doing the laundry. Ha! Wi-Fi is available and security cameras are onsite for your safety, which is important to me.

However, I don’t just utilize laundromats during the spring, though. I use them when I have an overabundance of washing, which happens every now and again, especially when baseball season rolls around and Sean is umpiring. Those are the times I can’t seem to keep up! I'm pretty sure you’ve all been in my shoes. Maybe not with the seven cats, or a guy obsessed with baseball, but with laundry piling up to your eyeballs. *laughs out loud*

Anyway, I’ve made a list to share on how I accomplish my bedroom spring cleaning as efficiently as possible. By following this guide, afterwards it’s easy to do a weekly clean in a jiffy.

Pro tip: I also use organic cleaners with no chemicals for a safer environment. I hope this is helpful to you too!

  • Wash ALL bedding

  • Declutter closets

  • Dust and clean blinds

  • Wash curtains

  • Wipe curtain rods

  • Wipe down walls/doors/baseboards

  • Wipe down furniture

  • Clean ceiling fans/fixtures

  • Rotate mattresses

  • Clean windows

Here’s to a clean home!



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