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You Are Enough

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I can't think of a better FIRST post for my new blog than the one I posted on Instagram for International Woman's Day. Enjoy!

I’ve never really thought about how strong women can be until I had to become one. Women are inherently strong, look at what we go through during pregnancy and delivery, child rearing, etc. But, it’s not only about being a mother, I know that‘s for sure. It’s about so much more, and everyone has their own story.

For me, with each trial and tribulation I become stronger. I fight for what is fair and equal. I fight for my children and I expect fairness in the workplace. What it comes down to is learning from life’s experiences and bouncing back after pain and adversity. It‘s about pulling your shoulders back and moving forward and not standing still. Life in general isn’t easy, at least it hasn’t been for me and too often I question whether I am enough. However, when I sit back and look back, I know I am enough.

My examples are: I have raised a strong woman, a daughter whom I’m extremely proud of. She’s a professional, a wife and a mother. She speaks up and tells you how it is and that makes me proud. I’m also raising a daughter, one with disabilities, who will never be able to go out into the world. Because of her profound medical conditions I am her voice and advocate. She’s also amazing, strong and resilient just like her sister. I’m a mother to three boys as well, men who make me proud.

And on top of all this I'm a single mom. Even though at times It’s tough and exhausting, it’s the MOST REWARDING thing I’ve ever accomplished. Sometimes that ‘job’ and privilege isn’t looked upon as important, and that’s so NOT true. Ask any mother out there and she'll back this up. WHAT WE DO IS IMPORTANT. I may not have anything stellar to put on a resume, and I may only make just barely over minimum wage, but that's okay. I chose to be a stay-at-home mom. To me, motherhood the best thing I've ever done and it has made my heart so incredibly full. And because of my five beautiful children, I am stronger. And guess what? That is enough.

Whatever your situation may be, whatever and wherever your career path may take you, enjoy the ride. strong, be happy, celebrate you and the women around you.


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