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How To Create A Perfect Tablescape

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

I’m sitting here at my table drinking my iced latte, admiring the colors and textures in front of me. There are a few things that make my heart happy. Of course my family, but in general those things are fresh-cut fruit, fresh-cut flowers, iced lattes, and decorating. This post is a start-to-finish how-to on creating the perfect tablescape.

The first way to create a beautiful tablescape is to have an idea. That seems relatively simple, yet it could be daunting to some. Maybe you’re hosting a dinner party for your spouse’s boss or you’re in charge of this year's holiday get-together, or you just want to switch things up and put your creative juices to the test. And I’m here to show you how.

First, you’ll need a theme or a color scheme. Holidays are pretty easy as traditional colors usually come into play, however, the sky’s the limit for everyday tablescapes. Usually, I’ll find something that sparks an idea, such as a centerpiece, a placemat, or even the smallest of things like a wine cork, to start creating.

Once you have established your idea I promise you it will blossom into a magical tablescape that your friends and family will rave about.

My theme for this table did not start out with wanting succulents. I just knew I wanted something colorful for my upcoming birthday. After searching online I found these gorgeous salad plates. They were also on sale. Yay me! From there my idea took off like a runaway train.

I do love succulents so I wasn’t settling for something I didn’t care for. I was actually excited to create my perfect birthday tablescape with my new find from Pier One. This is how I plan my kid’s birthday parties as well. I pick a theme and I collect ideas over time and pin them on Pinterest (I plan ahead). This tablescape was the opposite of a well thought out party though. It was a spur of the moment as you can get. My parties however are not. They are layered with all the things I love and they turn out beautifully. But, so did this table if I do say so myself.

Once I found my inspiration plates I knew I needed dinner plates and the rest of the decor to make a memorable, festive table. My main focus, as I just said, was wanting something colorful, but I wanted something unique too. My kitchen table is black and distressed and it needed some pizazz!

I found pink and blue melamine plates and next to the vase. I LOVE THIS VASE!! The nubby detail and pretty pink color were right up my alley. Everything from the green leafy placemats, crisp white napkins, and gold napkin rings you see on the table were Pier One finds as well. All these pieces came together with ease. The nubby clear drinking glasses were a Home Goods find, along with the succulent wall art that pulled everything together.

You can achieve your specific tablescape on a budget by shopping online, at discount stores, and even garage sales. You never know what you’ll find that may spark a little impromptu dinner party at your home.

1. Choose a theme.

2. Choose your color scheme.

3. Find plates, placemats, napkins and drinkware to match your theme.

4. Tie everything together with a centerpiece such as flowers, candles, a pretty bowl of fruit or veggies. Or anything that coordinates with your particular themes.

5. Follow your passion!

I‘d love to hear how you‘ve put my ideas to work.

Happy creating and decorating!


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