Habits of Successful People

When you were younger, did you ever dream about what your life would look like? What were your goals and dreams and aspirations? If I had to guess, you were probably pretty successful, and I don’t just mean successful at work. You were probably successful in life, in general. With your family, with your career, with your friends, etc. Do you really feel that way now?

I know that our past dreams do not always mean it is your current dream, but there is one truth, and that is that being successful is a good thing. And again, I don’t just mean success with a “career.” You could be a successful stay-at-home mom, baking and cooking and cleaning and raising amazing kids. THIS is success. Or, you could be a boss babe, crushing it at the office. THIS is also success.

The truth? You define what success means to you, and then you find a way to keep that success going for yourself. But overall, a lot of habits of successful people are the same (and a lot of it has to do with your mental and physical health!). Here are a few of those habits that I’ve noticed (+ you can include these into your day-to-day life, making it easier for you to be successful):

A to-do list is always running

If you want to become a pro at organization, a to-do list must always be running. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t have things written down, there’s a chance that I will forget that it was on my “to-do list” to start with. With that being said, writing down what you need to do and what you want to do is not only a life saver and great for staying organized + reducing stress, but it is also a must when it comes to being organized, successful, and thriving in school, work, or even in your social life. Successful people just automatically have to-do lists (and a lot of the time, they probably have more than one list!), to make sure that they are staying on track. Want to get better with productivity? Start a to-do list, and then continue to check things off and add to it, along the way.

They recognize what they are good at

If you want to become even more successful than you are now, you need to know what you are good at. This is just something that productive people are aware of. Why? Because when you know what you are good at, you can put all of your energy into getting those things done. Everything else? Pass it down to someone who is better at it than you are. Let me give you two examples of this - an example from the work place and a real-life (away from the office) scenario, as well.

Scenario 1: you have a big project due at work by Friday. Let’s just make up this scenario and say that you are a home builder. You have to create the budget and game plan for your client + you have to propose different contractors for each “to-do” (floor work, tile work, etc.).

Let’s say that you are great at finding contractors and working with them to create a budget, but you aren’t very great at writing it all out and turning it into a game plan. In this case, you need to know that about yourself and you need to implement it into your work, to save time, and headaches along the way. Tackle the vendor + pricing portion first and then pass the write-up and game plan along to a co-worker, knowing that they will do it better and probably faster than you would. This is working smarter, not harder, which is a very important lesson to learn.

Scenario 2: you are moving and you don’t have the time or energy to do it all by yourself. Instead of pushing yourself to the limit and not sleeping, eating, or taking care of yourself, you decide to budget for professional movers to help you out. You take the time to do research, like what movers will help you pack, and you find a great company that can help take the stress off your plate. ★Star City Services★ is a great example of this. These Roanoke long distance movers do residential moving services, packing, home staging, art moving, delivery services, labor-only moving, and so much more. They are based out of VA, family-owned and operated, and truly aim to give customer-focused service. While you do have to spend money on this, you know that it is well worth it, because you are not 1) the best at moving heavy furniture and 2) you don’t have the time. You know what you are good at and you are putting your focus there instead.

Only check communications a few times a day

Have you realized how much time we spend on social media, email, and text messages? If you haven’t noticed it yet, let me loop you in: most of us spend way too much time scrolling. When it comes to work and school, you of course, need to be responsive, but what defines responsiveness? I believe that if you check your email 2-3 times a day (maybe once in the morning, once before or after lunch, and once before you log off at the end of the day) and respond to all emails then, that is still being a lot more responsive than some…and you are not losing time that you could be devoting towards actual work.

Get a workout in most days

Successful people know that their mental health directly coorelates to their overall health, which directly correlates to their productivity and success. If you are in a terrible mood all the time, you probably do not have the energy or desire to get your work done, connect with others, and do your best work. If you are positive, in a great mood, and you got your day started on the right foot, you’ll have a much better day (generalization, I know) and you are more likely to be productive + energized, so that you are able to do great things.

Prioritize sleep, no matter what

Again: this kind of goes with the above paragraph. If you are exhausted, your mind won’t be as sharp and you are not as likely to do well (in all aspects of your life) compared to if you

were well rested. No matter what, prioritize sleep. It is beyond important!

And snuggle a kitty if you have one.



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