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Fabulous Finds - June 22, 2020

Welcome to my first 'fabulous finds' blog post!

This is where I'll be sharing favorite things I'm purchasing, for me and my family. You'll want to check here before you go shopping because I'll post discount codes when I have them too!

As always, I'll only share the things I love and truly stand behind. All you have to do is tap on the photo or link provided and it'll take you to where you can shop. I went a little crazy this week, partly because it's my first post in this new category and I was extremely excited to share.

Happy shopping, my friends!


Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan

It's on sale now. I love anything food-related, so if you throw in some romance too, then I'm golden.


I'm excited to style these shorts for the Fourth of July, but I'll be wearing them all summer. Throw on some cute festive jewelry and a ball cap and you're set. FYI...Everyone needs a good white ball cap for those days when you don't want to do your hair, and this one is on sale now!

Click on an item below to shop from Amazon.

From my LIKEtoKNOWit page:



If you like fig newtons then you'll LOVE these figs. It's like a cookie without the cookie part. LOL But I'm telling you, THEY ARE SO DELICIOUS! My granddaughter loves them too. And, if you love nuts and chocolate, then you'll be happy you tried HU Hunks. All the flavor with none of the guilt!


This is the water filtration system that I CANNOT live without. If you only knew everything in your tap water you'd be appalled. This is honestly one of the best investments I've ever made. I own the Imperial system which holds 4.5 gallons of water and it's suitable for 6-10 people. It comes with two Black Berkey filters. I also purchased the fluoride filters as well. Berkey water filters come in various sizes so you can choose what's right for your lifestyle.

Check what's in your local water by following this link. After you get your results tap on the link below to see how amazing Berkey is and what it can do for you.

Here is what Berkey removes from your water. Tap here.


I'm all about finding natural products that are good for you and your health. I really liked this shampoo and the conditioner is great too. It's a little pricey, however, I started off with the travel sizes to make sure I'd like what Yarok had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of these products and they smelled incredible! My favorite products of theirs are hairspray (Feed Your Hold) and mousse (Feed Your Roots). *travel sizes linked below for the latter two.

I also switched to Jason's brand toothpaste without fluoride and it's so good! Powerful Peppermint is my favorite and Sean likes it too. And while you're at switching up your products, go for a natural toothbrush. These bamboo ones are affordable and a great option.


My guy loves a good graphic tee, so I got him these for Father's Day. They are super affordable too! And the Green Day tee is on sale.


These flying rings are lots of fun, and not just for the kiddos. I like them too!

I hope you all enjoyed my post! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!




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This post contains affiliate links.

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