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Dress Your Hair!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Let's be honest, I'm the first one to throw on a hat when I'm having a bad hair day. And there are some cuuute ball caps, trucker hats, woven straw hats, felt hats, you name it kind of hats, but this is not that post. This post is all about barrettes/hair clips. These accessories are the new fashion craze that tons of Instagram influencers, and moi, are rocking right now.

I found these on Amazon

Wearing these cuties brings back memories of junior high. Yes, you read it correctly, I'm old school. Back in the stone ages, junior high was seventh, eighth and ninth grade. And back then I rocked a mean barrette or two. I had long hair, and barrettes were a way to pull back your bangs so your hair didn't hang in your face. BUT, nowadays these stylish, fun, colorful, metal, pearly, acrylic babies are for show! I don't care how old I am (50...shhh!!) because I love how fun they are, and how it brings a pop of style to my everyday hairstyle and outfits. Even if you have short hair you can wear them too!

I even wear them with my scrubs because why not? I love doing something out of the ordinary such as wearing pearls with my work clothes. lol

And why not add some bling, sparkle, vintage with camo?

When it comes to fashion, do what you feel comfortable with, because as far as I'm concerned there is no right or wrong way.


How to find a deal


I've seen these barrettes in boutiques and I've almost purchased them BUT, I do like a good deal and I always try to find the things I want at a discount. I found most of these on Amazon and I 'll link them here. Another good place to find fun, vintage clips are at estates sales, Goodwill, thrift stores, and garage sales. Good luck and have fun playing around with your own style.



Here are some super cute barrettes!

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