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Cupid Has Landed!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Happy (early) Valentine's Day! This tablescape screams love and fun times, so who wouldn't want to sit here and enjoy a few sweets and treats? I know my littles will absolutely love having a party with their GiGi (me) this weekend.

Let me tell you how to pull off a table of your dreams. Whether you want it over-the-top or a simple festive table, here are a few things to think about:

Are you throwing a party? If it's a kiddie party then think whimsical. Kids love the colorful, eye-popping decor. If it's an intimate dinner for you and your sweetheart then a more sophisticated table would be nice. Think crystal wine glasses, your fine china (if you have it), with linen napkins, candles, and roses or a mixed bouquet of red, pink, and white flowers if it's Valentine's Day. However, you can definitely do whimsical for any age group, which would be fun for a book club, or a luncheon with friends or just a plain ole get together with your neighbor.

Budget-friendly tablescapes are completely doable! I ALWAYS see what I have on hand before I purchase anything.

First, I decide on a color scheme, then I decide what plates I want to use. Usually, I choose a solid dinner plate and layer a patterned salad plate on top then build from there. Plates with decorative edges are fun too if your salad plate or bowl isn't too busy. But you do you and go with what tickles your fancy.

For this Valentine's tablescape, I started with my candy centerpiece. I had varied sizes of glasses I wanted to use so I knew I needed a few different types of candy to display in them. I went to a dollar-type store and got my candy, Valentine cards (for the kids), and three cute Valentine boxes for fifteen dollars! Now that a steal! VARIED HEIGHTS OF YOUR DECOR WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE and is appealing to the eye.

I love table runners. I used this white eyelet one last year on my Valentine's table. I like to reuse things to keep my costs down because I decorate for each holiday and season so things could get a little expensive if I didn't. Anyway, this white runner is so pretty against my black tabletop and makes the red and pink POP!

I borrowed the polka dot plates from my mom and a few of the wine glasses so this was totally affordable.

Next, you'll need to add little touches here and there until you achieve the look you are going for. For this table, I added colorfully wrapped chocolates on the table, store-bought cupcakes on little cupcake stands, and a few mini cupcakes directly on the table itself. Sugar cookies too! Garland is a fun touch as well and it takes up some room so opt for something like that. To add a healthy element, and because they are red, I put a bowl full of strawberries on the table too.

On my buffet, I decorated with more garland, cakes, candy, and a few festive signs. I say just go for it and have fun. Tag me on Instagram @Noel_Naturally if you style a Valentine's table or come find me on Facebook.

Happy tablescaping!



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